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Natasja De Wit was really happy about her birthday, which was coming up tomorrow. She was gonna turn 23, and she wanted all of her friends to celebrate with her.  Especially her crush.  The boy she had loved ever since they were kids.  The boy she had wanted to kiss ever since she had feelings for him.  She dreamed that her wish would come true tomorrow, and it might.  One day, she and her best friend Dallas were walking down the street, headed to their friends' house.  They were talking about Tasja's big day.

"So, you excited about your birthday tomorrow?" asked Dallas.

"I sure am!" exclaimed Tasja.  "I can't wait for it!  I become another year older and another year wiser! ^^"

"And another year cuter!" someone from behind them said.

They turned around to see that their friend Isabella was behind them, hugging them.

"Oh, hey, Isabella." Natasja said with a smile.  "What's up?"

Isabella says, "Oh nothing.  I was thinking we could have a little gal time for ourselves while the others are working on your surprise."

"That sounds like a good idea to me." said Dallas.  "What do you think, Tasja?"

"I'd like that." she replied.  "Wanna go to the mall?"

"Yeah!" Dallas and Isabella exclaimed.

The three girls put their arms around each other and happily walked to the mall.  Meanwhile, their friends were building something in a backyard.

"Ok, the last pinwheel is on!" a boy named Django said.

"Excellent!" Phineas yelled.  "Let's test it out."

"Let me get down first." said Django as he was climbing down the ladder he was standing on.  When he got down, Phineas pressed a red button on a remote he was holding and fireworks and pinwheels started going off.  It only lasted about 30 seconds before they died down.

"I see you got it working." Phineas's step brother Ferb said as appeared with a cake in his hands that said "Happy Birthday" on the top, and "Tasja! :heart:" on the bottom, and had little frosting roses that spread all around it that had a pattern of red and yellow roses.  Baljeet came by and saw the cake the green-haired British boy was holding.

He said, "Nice lookin' cake.  Did you remember to get her favorite kind?"

"Yep.  Marble cake with chocolate icing." said Ferb.  "She'll love it."

"Not as much as she loves you." Phineas and Django said at the same time.

"Yeah, she's has really taken a liking to me." Ferb said while sitting down.  "And I think...I've taken a liking to her, too, y'know?  She' wonderfully awesome and such a great friend. :)"

Phineas sat down next to his step-brother and put an arm around him.  He then looks at him and smiles at him.

Phineas says, "I know you've had such a crush on Tasja for years now, and I'm happy for you. =) So I suggest you do something really awesome. for her birthday."

"Like what?"

"Stick your tongue down her throat." Django joked.

"Oh, shut up, Django." Ferb laughed.  "But I would like to kiss her, though.  I wonder what she's doing right now."

At the mall, Tasja, Dallas, and Isabella were in a clothing store.  Isabella and Dallas were sitting on a bench while Tasja was in a booth trying on clothes.  Since the two girls already had their dresses, Isabella with a long, fuchsia dress and Dallas with a turquoise dress a little bit shorter than Izzy's, they were waiting on the Belgian girl to finish.

"Come on, Tasja, hurry up.  You looking at your butt in there?" Isabella joked.

"Keep your panties on." Tasja giggled.  "I'm comin' out."

She stepped out of the dressing room wearing a gold dress that goes down to her knees and showed off her butt.  Dallas and Izzy couldn't help but look how beautiful Tasja looked.

"W-Wow!" Dallas exclaimed.  "You look so fetch!"

"What?" Both Isabella and Tasja said chuckling.

"What?  She looks fetch, meaning she looks hot." Dallas explained.  "Valley girls say it all the time."

"Since when did you become a valley girl?" Tasja chuckled.  "But seriously, thank you for the compliment, Dallas. :)"

"Aw, you're welcome." said Dallas as she hugged her friend, who hugged back.

Tasja said, "All right, let me change back into my clothes and we can pay for our dresses."

As Tasja went back in the dressing room to get changed, Izzy and Dallas sat down on the bench and started talking.

"Dallas, I need you to do me a favor." Izzy said quietly.

"Okay." Dallas said.  "What's the favor?"

Isabella said, "I need you to spend the night at Tasja's house, and keep her busy because I need to get back to Phineas and Ferb's house and finish the surprise.  Can you do that for me, please?"

Dallas smiled and said, "Sure, no problem.  By the way, how's the surprise going?"

"Great.  Just need to go to the store today and pick up some kazoos and streamers.  I'll go after I drop this dress off at home."

Tasja came out of the dressing room in her regular clothes, holding her dress.

"You girls ready to go?" she asked.

Isabella said, "Yep.  But I have to go somewhere after we leave here.  Date with Phineas."

"Of course." Tasja joked.

So after they paid for their dresses, Isabella told the girls that she was going home to drop off her dress and go on the [imaginary] date with Phineas.  Meanwhile, back in the backyard, the boys were still working on the surprise for Tasja's birthday, with the Fireside Girls helping them.  Ferb had on a headset and a clipboard and talking.  Several feet away from him, Phineas, Katie, and Baljeet were discussing something else.

"Okay," Phineas started.  "we're working on the surprise, but I wanna work on something else that involves Ferb.  Okay, you know he like Tasja, right?  Well, I was thinking that-"

"Phineas, phone for you." Phineas' sister Candace said.

"Oh.  Excuse me for a second." said Phineas as he walked in the house to answer the phone.


"Hey, babe." said his girlfriend Isabella.  "Dallas is gonna spend the night at Tasja's house, so we got time to finish the surprise.  I'm on my way."

"All right," Phineas said. "see you in a bit."

"I love you, sweetie." she said while smiling.  "Maybe after all this is done, I can give you a little massage."

Phineas, chuckled and said, "You do give the best massages in all of Danville.  Are you gonna give me a 'special' massage?"

Isabella gigged and said, "Only for you, Phinny-bear."

"Okay.  See ya, Sexy-Bella."

As Phineas hung up, he went back outside and back to where Katie and Baljeet were.

"Sorry about that." he said to them.  "Anyway, I was thinking that we should trick Ferb into kissing the birthday girl."

"How?" Baljeet asked.  "He's too smart to be tricked."

"Yeah, but I've been trickin' Ferbooch for years." Phineas said.  "Sure, he sees through my tricks sometimes, but not this time.  He's gonna be so-"

"So what?" Ferb said as he was behind his brother.

"Ahhh!" yelped Phineas.  "You scared the heck outta me, dude!"

Ferb laughed and asked, "I'm gonna be so what, Phineas?"

"So...excited for your surprise!" Phineas lied.

"I get a surprise?"

"Yeah, but you're not getting it until tomorrow."

"Hey, guys." said Isabella.  "Whatcha dooin'?"

"Hey, Isabella." said Ferb.  "Phineas said he has a surprise for me, but he's not gonna give it to me until tomorrow."

Phineas says, "I was thinking about tricking him at first, but now I'm actually gonna surprise him.  And I need your help, Izzy."

"Sure, I can help." says Isabella.  "But for now, let's work on Tasja's surprise."

Meanwhile at Tasja's house...

"All right, what should we do first?" Tasja asked.

"Mmmmmmmmm...I'm feelin' pretty limber, so let's play Twister."  Dallas said.

"Okay." Tasja giggled.  She went to a closet in the living room where the board games were at and got out Twister.  She went back to Dallas and set up the game.

"Hold on a second." she said.  "Who's gonna spin the color wheel?"

"Oh, shoot, I didn't think of that." said Dallas.  "I guess we can try to do it while we play."

Tasja says, "All right.  Well, let's begin."

2 1/2 minutes later, the two girls are sort of entwined with each other.

"Okay, I knew this was gonna be hard." Dallas laughed as she reached for the wheel.  "Right hand green."

Tasja's right hand was reaching for a green spot, but she and Dallas crashed on the floor and started laughing.

"Well that was really fun." she said.  "Ooh, there's something touching my butt."

"I think that's my right hand." said Dallas as the girls laughed again.

A few hours later, the girls were in Tasja's room getting ready to watch a movie.  Tasja was in her bed while Dallas was on the floor in a sleeping bag.

"You can sit up here with me, sis." said Tasja, smiling at her friend.  "Beats sitting on the ground."

Dallas smiled and got on the Tasja's bed and sat next to her, putting an arm around her.  As they watched the movie, they laughed at some parts and cried at some parts.  After a while, they started to dose off during the movie, in which they paused it and went to the kitchen to get a couple of bottles of soda to wake them up.  They went back into the room and continued to watch the movie.  In an hour in the movie, they both started to dose off again, but Tasja was more awake than Dallas, so when the movie ended, Tasja was really tired and ready for bed, while Dallas was already asleep on her best friend's shoulder.  Tasja giggled and put her under the blankets as she turned out the lights and got in the bed with Dallas and cuddled her.  In the middle of the night, Dallas awoke to see that it was dark in the room, except for the TV being on, and that Tasja was cuddling her.  She smiled and cuddled her back.

Morning came and Tasja woke up with a smile on her face, as today as her birthday.  Dallas woke up seconds later and saw that her best friend was already up.

"Happy birthday." she said happily as she gave Tasja a kiss on her cheek and a hug.

"Thank you!" the birthday girl said merrily as she hugged her friend back.  "I can't wait for what you and the gang have planned for me."

Dallas joked, "Well you're just gonna have to wait, Ms. Impatient Pants.  For now, how about a little birthday whoopin'?"

Tasja laughed and said, "Bring it on."

They turned on Tasja's Wii and started playing Mario Kart.

At the Flynn-Fletcher household/backyard, the gang, which for now consisted of Ferb, Baljeet, Isabella, Phineas, Django, and a sleepy Buford, were finishing Tasja's surprise.

"All right, well we obviously can't finish this without the Fireside Girls' help, so let's do as much as we can until they get here." said Phineas.

"What should we work on first?" yawned Buford.

Django says, "Well, it looks like the hand is almost done. I can work on that."

"Okay." said Phineas.  "Oh, look.  Katie's coming over here."

He waved at Katie and said, "Where are the others?"

Katie said, "If I had to guess, I'd say they're still sleeping.  Eh, they'll be over here soon."

"Let's get started in the meantime." said Ferb.  "And fast before Tasja comes over."

So the seven kids were finishing the surprise, and eventually the Fireside Girls came by to help.  About an hour later, they were almost finished when Django noticed something.

"Aw, man." he said.

"What's wrong?" Baljeet said.

"We're missing a sparkler on the top.  Any of you have a spare?"

They shook their heads meaning no.

Django said, "Dang, now I'm gonna have to go to the store and get one.  I'll be back."

So Django dashed to the store as the others continued working.  Later in the near evening, Tasja was in the bathroom taking a shower, singing herself a song.  After her shower, she did her hair, her makeup, and got dressed in the new dress that she bought yesterday.  As she got herself ready to go, she saw a note on her bed.  She opened it and read it.

"Tasja, gone to Phineas and Ferb's to set up the party and your surprises.  See you there. <3 Dallas"

"Surprises?" she asked herself.  "I thought I only had one surprise.  Oh, well.  One extra surprise is good :)"

As she headed to Phineas and Ferb's house, she saw a really tall structure covered by a giant tarp.

"That must be one of my surprises." she thought.  "I can't wait!"

"She's coming!" said Isabella.

"All right, everybody in their positions!" said Phineas.

Tasja opened the gate and saw her friends jump out and say, "Happy birthday, Tasja!"  At the same time, fireworks started exploding in the sky.  Her face lit up with excitement and joy.

"Awwww, you guys!" she exclaimed.  "Thank you so much!"

Django walked towards her and gave her a big hug, which she accepted and hugged back.  Next was Isabella, then Phineas, Jenny, and so on.  After about six minutes, the gang was on a stage with microphones in their hands.

"Ahem, can I have everyone's attention, please?" Phineas said into the mic.  "It is now time to reveal Tasja's big surprise."

"We've been working on this for a couple of days," Baljeet said. "and now we're gonna see if our birthday girl likes our surprise."

"This is a gift from us to you." they said at the same time.  "Happy birthday, Tasja!"

They jerked off the tarp to reveal a giant statue of Tasja with a circle of sparklers going on her back.  Behind it were fireworks going off saying, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TASJA!!!"

"Oh, my gosh!" Tasja yelled.  "That is so freakin' awesome!  I love it!  I love you guys!  Thank you!"

Isabella says, "We're glad you liked it. :) And now... *whispers to Phineas* Get him ready. *to the crowd* we're ready for Tasja's second surprise!"

Dallas came up from behind Tasja and put a blindfold on her.

"Hey!  What's going on?!" she shouted.

"Relax." said Dallas.  "It's part of your surprise.  And trust me, you'll love it."

"Okay, I trust you." Tasja said.

In her mind, Tasja was thinking about what surprise she has coming.  She thought about getting a guitar or a pearl necklace.  She snapped out of her thinking when she heard Buford say something.

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen." he said.  "Let's all sing the "Happy Birthday" song.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Tasja
Happy birthday to you

After the song, she felt a pair of lips on hers, which surprised her.  She quickly took the blindfold off to see that Ferb was kissing her.  She face went immediately red as she didn't know what to do.  Ferb broke the kiss and smiled at her.

"Great surprise, huh?" he chuckled.

Tasja nodded shyly.  "I-I can't believe you kissed me.  You must've been waiting a long time to do that."

"And you were waiting a long time for me to do it." he said.  "Happy birthday, Tasja."

"Thank you, Ferb." she said with a smile on her face.

They kissed again and continued the party.
The Surprise
Man, it took me a month to finish it, and I am sorry this is a day late, but better late than never.

For :iconcutietasja:

Happy (belated) birthday! :huggle:


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